Bespoke / Custom Footwear

Gordons have been making Bespoke 'made to measure' footwear for over 35 years.
If you have trouble finding footwear to fit from the mass produced variety, or if you are looking for something unique just for you then we can help.

If you have very large/wide feet or small/narrow feet, or you have odd sized feet, having your footwear tailored to you're individual measurements produces footwear with a fit providing unsurpassed comfort, fit and support.

Here we will examine and discuss your feet and footwear issues. We ask that you bring any past or present footwear that you have worn. We will then discuss what style of footwear that you would like bearing in mind it's suitability for your specific need/wants.

We can show you previous examples of our footwear, as well you can browse through some of our magazines looking for styles that you may like. In many cases we are able to replicate these styles to fit your feet. (Pending constuction method and material/component availability)
Next we take detailed measurements, profiles, photos and if necessary plaster casts of your feet. Once we have got all the information needed we can then go onto the process of making your footwear. All you need to do is decide on the colour and type of leather that we are going to use, which you can select from our stock.

Here we trial fit your footwear. If we need to make any adjustments this is when it is done. We slip the lasted upper off the last, then add a dummy heel pitched to the heel height that we have decided on, as well as the inner sock and or any included orthotic. Here we closely observe how the footwear fits your feet and how you find them to walk in. If we notice a tight fit with any pressure points or a loose fit, now is the time that we can make any necessary adjustments.

Occasionally we get the client to take the footwear home with them and wear the footwear around home for a couple of days so as to get a good feel for them. Though this would normally only be for the first pair of footwear from the last that we have created for you.

With certain styles, normally boots you may need 2 fittings as we may make a dummy upper out of synthetic which we trial on your feet so as to make sure that we are on the right track before we go ahead and make it out of leather.

The fitting stage is great when making womens strap sandals as we can exactly position the straps over the most comfortable and visually appealing part of the toes.

Once we have established that the footwear is a good fit we then go onto finishing the footwear.

Here is where we fit the completed footwear to your feet.

We use your measurements and or cast to create your own personal last. This last (mould) will be created as a suitable last for both your feet and the style that you have chosen. This last can be used at a later date for subsequent footwear so long as the style is similar to your initial choice (ie toe shape and heel pitch).

At the Initial Consultation we take detailed records of any pertinent information relating to your footwear/feet issues. This is helpful because it creates a history that we can refer back to at a later date if necessary and helps to identify any abnormal changes to your feet. All footwear is made with a detailed worksheet/patterns so if at a later date we need to make you subsequent footwear we know that we can exactly replicate your initial pair of footwear.

All our footwear is made incorporating comfort, fit, style, function and longevity. When you are hand making one of a kind shoes you take no short cuts. So we only work with top quality materials that provide the ultimate comfort and have an ability to last well into the years. And when they are finally looking a little worse for the wear, no problem because they are repairable. And if for any reason something goes wrong with your shoes outside of normal wear and tear we will fix and repair them at no cost to you.