Footwear Modifications

Here at Gordon's we use various orthopaedic modification techniques that enable us to meet your specific needs. We are able to modify your existing footwear so that they provide the fit, support, and gait correction that you require.

And if you are looking for footwear to have modified, we can offer a range of comfortable, stylish yet practical ‘off the shelf ‘ footwear suitable for modification. While our greatest focus is on improving the function of your footwear, we also pay great attention to detail thus minimising the visual effect of modifications on your choice of footwear.

If you have had previous modifications that have worked for you, then we can replicate them on your new footwear. Or if you are enquiring about whether footwear modifications are suitable for you we can advise you as to whether they are. If so we will then determine what will work best for you whether determined by us or referred specialist.

All modifications are undertaken with all relevant information / worksheets. By doing this we can guarantee to repeat any future modifications exactly as previously, time and time again unless changes are necessary. Therefore no matter what footwear that you are wearing from one day to the next you can be sure that the modification is the same, thus eliminating the chance of problems arising from inconsistently modified footwear. 


- Diabetic foot
- Arthritic foot
- Accident damage ( post surgery )
- swelling of the foot ( oedema)
- foot / ankle pain
- gout
- ankle instability
- leg length discrepancy
- achilles tendon injury
- equino foot ( club foot)
- rigid foot and ankle joints
- fused ankle joint ( post surgery)
- pain associated with ankle movement
- rigid metatarsal joints
- metatarsal pain
- extreme pronation ( inward roll )
- extreme supination ( outward roll)
- hammer toe ; claw toe ; cross-over toe 
- bunions
- or any other congenital conditions 

Then orthopaedic footwear modifications to your footwear can help.


They are an alteration to your footwear so as to improve their performance for your specific needs. Typically modifications are used to improve and or restore you to a normal walking gait, as well as reducing and or eliminating the symptoms of your condition/s.

Modifications can also be used to improve
- The fit of your footwear
- Support that the footwear provide
- Extend the life of your footwear

Modifications can be implemented
- Temporarily as with a heel only raise for an injured achilles tendon
- Permanently as with a sole raise for a leg length discrepancy

The faster the wear rate of your footwear (besides quality) is normally associated with your walking habits, frequency and conditions that you expose your footwear too. As well, certain Orthopaedic conditions can also accelerate the wear rate of your footwear.

Here at Gordon's once we have achieved your optimum footwear modification we then ensure that the modification must remain consistent throughout the life of the shoe. i.e your orthopaedic modification is not compromised through excessive wear. We can achieve this in varying ways on a case by case basis.