Footwear Alterations

Here at Gordons we can make a variety of alterations to your footwear to suit your needs. Typically these alterations are done so as to improve the fit, comfort or look of your footwear.

Typical examples are :

- Calf - Knee high boots:
- sometimes getting the perfect fitting boot can be difficult. Usually it is the leg of the boot that is the problem. Whether the leg of the boot is to tight or to loose we can alter your boots to accomodate your individual measurements. We can increase the width of the leg by a simple elastic gusset or if needed we can add an extra panel of leather so as to keep the original look of the boot intact. (pending us having a matching leather ) Or in the case of a slim leg we can recut the leg of the boot thereby tapering it to fit your individual calf measurements.

- your boots keeps slipping down to your ankles and you keep having to pull them back up. We can make an alteration to your boots that will ensure that your boot will stay upright and no longer slip down again .

- Heel height alterations : you may have found the perfect pair of shoes except it's to high or to low.
We can assess the height change that your are after and if it is practicle we can undertake this alteration.
Depending on the ammount of height change this can often be an involved process as it can involve us having to dismantle the shoe back to the upper and then remake the shoe again as the shoe will need to be re-pitched to the new heel height.

- Stretching : targeting specific areas such as bunions or an all over shoe stretching.

- comfort inserts : cushioning insoles can be inserted so as to help make a shoe that is to large become a more firmer fit .

- heel grips : so as to prevent your slip on becoming a slip off.

- Velcro® brand hook and loop strap - buckle strap : lengthening to accomodate foot swelling or shortening for the slim foot.