Ankle Boots

These boots were custom made for a client suffering from both Extreme pronation and Cross-over Toe Syndrome. After the initial assessment we then took plaster casts of her feet. From these casts we were able to create an accurate last (mould). This last was then used to design and make the Carla boot. In this case scenario the important points to consider are how much support to promote but not at the expense of comfort. In various cases it is a balancing act between correctional support and comfort. In a clients latter years we believe comfort is of major importance, hence the number one priority with all our custom footwear is to provide comfort. But the footwear must also provide the correct amount of support and in this case the last had enough toe box depth to accommodate the Cross-over Toe whilst the boots incorporated the following for the support.

1) Fibreboard reinforced steel shank Poron R Insoles providing a rigid insole from heel to joint with the comfort of Poron R.

2) Foam backed firm medial extended heel stiffeners to resist the pronation.

3) 6mm medium density/compression EVA was used to fabricate the full length medial valgus wedges. These medial wedges were incorporated into the hand made soles. The wedges resist the extreme pronation but with a lower density wedge the Eva allows for natural compression and thus reduces the level of correction potentially leading to more comfort.

4) The hand made sole is modeled on a Bio mechanical Rocker sole. This form of sole is sached at the heel preventing heel strike, scalloped at the waist to reduced weight and tapered from just behind the metatarsal joints to the toe / front of the shoe. This allows for good toe roll off when walking and allows for a more natural pain free walking gait.

The fastening is a medial zip.

Upper : Leather

Lining : Leather

Sole : Eva with a Micro cellular Rubber Top Sole

Fastening : Medial Zip

Personal Last : Yes

Carla Carla Carla