Steel Toecap Safety Work Boots

These boots were custom made for a client suffering from Chronic Ankle Instability as a result of a severe fracture of the ankle. The subsequent post surgery swelling of the ankle made it not possible to fit conventional work boots. The boots incorporate an External Varus support which is used too provide more lateral stability of the effected foot. This use of external varus support is beneficial for severe lateral ankle instability. The boots incorporate bilateral rocker soles which is beneficial when plantar flexion is reduced, a common complaint after severe trauma of the ankle has occurred.

Upper : Leather

Lining : Leather

Sole : Hard wearing carbon rubber sole unit

Fastening : Lace Up

Personal Last : Yes




Hi Gordon

I would like to say a big thank-you and how much I appreciated your great service. With my complicated ankle injury that has alignment and leg length issues, I was pleasantly surprised when I wore your custom made work boots for the first day. I was one of those people who didn’t appreciate the difficulties with injuries until it happens to them. Fortunately there are people like you that specialise in helping others with accident and genetic disabilities so that we can still have quality of life. This has allowed me to continue working and without sounding dramatic, with having to stand on my feet all day without the correct support would have been unpleasant and very painful.

It is easy to recognise a craftsman by the quality of their product. The boots fitted like a glove and are built to last. You also took great care to make the boots aesthetically pleasing to the eye with all the extra support required. I very rarely write to thank people for their service or products but this time I felt it justified some recognition because of the service and quality your product has given me to continue normal function.

Thanks again

John Browne







Ken Ken